We at Privus Wealth Management emphasize new and unique trading ideas to employ for our clients.
The commitment of our team allows us to constantly be on a look-out for new emerging opportunities in the market, and then we can come up with an original solution for your investments.

At the present moment Privus Wealth Management provides the following set of services:

  • Generation of investment ideas for different financial asset classes
  • Development and modelling of investment strategies
  • Execution of investment ideas
  • Creation of investment portfolios
  • Design of trading algorithms for different platforms and markets

In designing the financial solution, we take personal preferences and considerations of our clients into account and we work closely with our investors to make a customized solution, and ensure that we can be proud of our end-result.

With our expansion, we are going to extend the range of our services and markets. If you have any suggestions or business inquiries, please send them to or via the contact form on our website.